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Sunday, 30 November 2014

#edcmooc Film 3: True Skin

This rather dystopian film raises many questions of what kind of memories would be stored and how they would be used. Facts, images and data in binary code such as we store now? Or could it store feelings, reflexions, attitudes and other more abstract features? Lots of learning takes place in quiet contemplation and reflexion, would these learning techniques be remembered too? How would the old memories fit, posited in the new cyborg and environment.
The article about Google making us stupid stated that the brain "now expects to take in information the way the Net distributes it. Is that what is happening to these cyborgs? Is it the case that like the “power browsers”, the regenerated beings would rarely visit the same memory twice? If so what would be the value of all this stored data?
 If enhancement quality is cost related would the same go for the backups? As a consequence of this, could these second generation beings end up with a class system of “us” and “them” of their own?
I thought it interesting that the protagonist's efforts to modify his external identity were ultimately futile leaving the question open as to whether or not he would still be hunted once regenerated.

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